You had me at Hello!

Welcome to the TMI blog! Im hoping this blog will serve as a creative outlet to showcase my obsession for all kinds of paper, design inspirations, useful tips and information (well keep it short and fun), collaborations with other talented artists, and maybe topics that come to me on a whim.

Formerly known as Angela Calligraphy, I started pursuing my passion as a freelance calligrapher a few years ago, where my services were solely focused on lettering. However, I always had a vision of combining calligraphy with the various options of incorporating stationery, which would encompass the essence of the newly founded  

Im often asked how I got into calligraphy. It was a few years ago when my cousin was getting married and asked me to address her envelopes (she may have thought I have nice handwriting). It was after my first addressing job,that I began my intensive practice sessions, because I immediately knew this was something I truly loved doing. I am mostly self-taught, however, I also took multiple workshops from calligraphers that inspired me. Calligraphy is not an art that can be learned without practice and patience, but my love for paper, ink, and the handwritten experience, made it worth the effort.

Upon receiving one of our cards, youll experience heartfelt impressions. From the hand-calligraphed sentiment on each card, to the letterpress imprint, and the handmade wax seal, every aspect is distinct in its attention to detail and a labor of love.

As each card is its separate component, it is also a part of the entire identity, with the inkcomponent representing the vast calligraphy services offered. The trulycards convey sentimental and romantic messages, while the madlycards are passionate, bold and significant. Our tmicards represent fun word play, and over-the-top messages that are just TMI.

Starting anything new, especially a new business takes grit and courage, but with determination and hard work, visions and ideas can turn into reality. Thank you for coming along with me on this journey.

Yours truly,